Look: My Toilet Paper Has Been Invaded!

Look: My Toilet Paper Has Been Invaded!

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 5, 2010

After moving into a church built in 1917 to restore into a family residence, I haven't exactly been a stranger to bugs. I have in fact, never worn shoes more in my entire life and spend my nights wondering how many spiders crawl in my mouth while I sleep. Although we've taken preventative measures, it's a big place — but I'm drawing the line at my toilet paper being taken over! This means war!

We're sure these are a common bug or insect rather, but we don't know what they are or how to get rid of them (other than bug bombing). They come in from outside and we find them blown against our window screens. They appear trapped and you can brush them off whatever they land on and they don't seem to respond as if alive, but little did we know they were just playing dead!

We put this screen in each morning once things warm up to allow a little breeze through the bathroom. We thought all the bugs that were trapped in it last night were of the dead variety... why else wouldn't they have moved or flown away?

This afternoon I sat a few yards from my bathroom where I kept hearing this sound. It was like the faint sound of popcorn popping or water running. It was soft and natural and I had no idea what it was. After making a trip to the little girls room, I quickly discovered what it was.

The bathroom, after closing the window last night and bringing in the screen (which had bugs we thought were dead on it) was now alive and crawling — literally. The bugs were on everything, hopping from one thing to the next, they were stuck to the paper shade, the shelves next to the window, the towels and most importantly, the toilet paper!

They get stuck against the screen, but these are still cold and thus, not awake or active!

Now I can handle bugs in the basement, I can handle spiders in the shower, I can even handle wiggly little centipedes in my kitchen, but there comes a line... and this is where I'm drawing it. My toilet paper. Now we don't have a holder for it as we just barely got the walls up around the bathroom itself, so we're still working on that, but apparently we're going to have to work faster on something to contain it.

Do you know what these little bugs are? Or more importantly, how to get rid of them? Flicking the screen doesn't help (that just resulted in a mouth/shirt full of bugs) and each day they just come back with the morning sun. Googling "small bugs" didn't really help (for obvious reasons) so I'm turning to you!

Do you have any advice (other than keeping all the windows closed at all times)? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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