New “Patternscapes” from Wish You Were Here

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
click thumbnails for larger pics Fiona and Ben O’Brien, the UK-based husband and wife duo behind Wish You Were Here—a beautiful, whimsical collection of giclee prints—have just released a new collection of “patternscapes.” These Escher-like repetitive designs are bright and buoyant, with an unabashed use of saturated color and a free-flowing sense of movement. Viewing them is as uplifting as soaring over the landscapes they depict. Details

With Ben’s talents as an illustrator and Fiona’s design background, the Wish You Were Here team has created these prints hoping to bring optimism and escapism into our homes at a time when it’s sorely needed. As of now, the patternscapes are only available as prints, but the team plans to roll out the release of other home goods using their designs, including wallpaper, lampshades, and textiles. Their site promises patternscape-covered cushions by the end of this month!

You can purchase the 13″x19″ prints for 50 Euro at Wish You Were Here. Commissions in different sizes are also available.

See more of Ben’s illustration work here, or click over to Fiona’s blog for more inspiration.