Look! Odd Space Dilemma: Bay Windows

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our month-long exploration of SF’s signature odd space dilemmas continues! We’re taking a good look at our bay windows, and we’re starting with Victoria’s.

Space planning in a room with a bay window (or two) can be tricky, especially when the bay window provides a significant portion of the room’s square footage. It’s pretty common to find the bay window set off as its own cozy little nook, as in this layout. But if you go this route in your living room you often lose needed space. We think it’s worthwhile to try to integrate the bay window area into the room, as Victoria did in the picture to the left.

What’s happening in your bay window?

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Victoria had the added challenge of a major focal point (the fireplace) perpendicular to her bay window.

The key to the success of her layout is the placement of a chaise in her window, at an angle that makes it both a cozy retreat for one and an integral part of a grouping that includes the fireplace-facing couch. Also, the long chaise makes good use of the depth of the window space, and reaches forward into the room, connecting the two areas.

Thanks, Victoria!