Look! Osage Oranges at Takashimaya

Look! Osage Oranges at Takashimaya

Amy Azzarito
Oct 14, 2008

We thought we'd share what we found at one of our favorite sources of inspiration. From far away, we thought the green balls were moss balls...

These bumpy green things were definitely not made of moss. We had to ask a salesperson, who told us that we were looking at Osage Oranges. Having never seen (or heard) of Osage Oranges, we headed home to do a little research.

We learned that the fruit is plentiful on the Great Plains. The Osage tribe named the tree. Before the invention of barbed wire in the 1880s, thousands of miles of hedges were created by planting the Osage Orange trees closely together. Also, there are some theories that the fruit of the Osage Orange will keep insects out of the house.

We never cease to be amazed by the unique things at Takashimaya, they were selling the fruit for $15, but we found a site, Osage Hedge Balls, in Kansas that sells them for $1.75 each.

Have you seen these before? We lived in the South for years, but don't remember ever coming across an Osage Orange.

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