Look! Our New Bosch Distinctive SHU43C0 Dishwasher

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in. So we were sitting around this weekend lamenting that the dishwasher was literally and finally on its last legs. The soap wasn’t popping out of the holding mechanism anymore, there were spots on all the glasses. What were we going to do?

First stop: Consumer Reports, where we discovered that the top ranked dishwashers were Bosch and one – the Distinctive SHU43C0 – was only $580 and second to the best (most of the tops ones were over $800).

Second stop: the web to see what actual prices would be, on this machine as well as on another highly rated one, The Kenmore (Sears) 1603, which was a Consumer Reports Best Buy.

We found that most pricing for these machines would add up to well over $725 if we went with stainless steel and added tax and delivery.

Third stop: we emailed Levi Capland and asked him if he could sell us this machine and how much it would be. He returned our email the next day.

Total price? $646 (with tax, stainless steel and delivery).

Fourth stop: our office. The Bosch arrived yesterday. Done. MGR