Look! Pink Bedroom for a Boy

Look! Pink Bedroom for a Boy

Tammy Everts
Sep 19, 2008

This post title made you look, hm? Would you believe us if we told you that after spending a couple of hours trolling the internet, including a rather exhaustive keyword search on Flickr, we were not able to find a single pink bedroom for a boy? It's true. Apparently, good ol' science has an explanation for this...

According to this snippet from Wired, females are hard-wired to prefer colors on the pinker end of the spectrum. No one knows why for certain, but one researcher speculates that "Evolution may have driven females to prefer reddish colors -- reddish fruits, healthy, reddish faces. Culture may exploit and compound this natural female preference."

Sounds plausible, right? But an informal survey of the preschoolers of our acquaintance revealed that several little boys, including our own, held pink to be their favorite color. What do you make of that?

Would you use, or have you ever used, pink as the dominant color in a boy's room? Has your little boy ever expressed interest in having a pink room? If so, what was your reaction? We really want to know!

(Photos from The Other Andrew)

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