Cheap Plastic Wardrobe Turned Spray Painting Tent

Cheap Plastic Wardrobe Turned Spray Painting Tent

Kimber Watson
Mar 24, 2011

I came across this nifty idea and just had to share. I mean how many times have you wanted to spray paint something but it was either too windy out, too cold, or too wet? It's also not ideal to do a lot of spray painting inside where you have to worry about spending an enormous amount of prep time covering everything for fear of splatter.

But thanks to Monica over at Crafty Nest, we have a nifty little solution to this problem. By using a plastic wardrobe turned upside down and inserting a sheet of cardboard in the bottom, you have yourself an inexpensive spray painting tent! While Monica was lucky to find hers, plastic wardrobes are cheap enough that if you do enough spray painting, it could definitely be worth the investment in the long term. Her tip to readers, "Zip the flaps closed after each coat and wait about 30 minutes while the paint dries and the dust settles." So ingenious!

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