Look! Post-It Decor at Bri & Chad’s

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Bri & Chad stuck in our minds for many reasons, but they primarily stuck there because we did a double take when we saw this part of their apartment. Instead of doing what any nice person would do – ie. paint the wall a nice yellow or if they weren’t allowed to paint, simply refraining all together – they got creative.

Now they have a yellow wall of Post-It’s for only the price of a few dozen packs AND it will all come down easily when they move. Oh, and they say they don’t ever fall.

They say: And yes. Those are post-it notes. We wanted to do something fun and textural (not to mention cost effective) on the wall with the computer workstation. Who says renters can’t paper the walls? They’ve been up since January and have yet to fall down.

(Re-Edited from 05.02.06)-JR