Flickr Finds: Psymonetta’s Glass-Colored Walls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Psymonetta posted this picture of her paint color options to flickr with the AT:SF tag, modeling the best way we know to save yourself a lot of grief over that familiar conundrum: color that looks right in the can and dead wrong almost the second the room is complete.

She writes,

“I’m still trusting Devine color. We had a little bit of a falling out over the last paint fiasco, but I’m being prudent this time and trying out the colors with their handy sample packages. These are the three from the paint chips that seemed to most closely resemble the hue and tone I wanted. Once on the wall the ginseng is too pink, the almond too green and the glass is just right.”

Psymonetta, have you finished painting the room? We’d love to see your glass-colored walls.