Look! Put Your Houseplants In The Rain

Look! Put Your Houseplants In The Rain

Laure Joliet
Feb 9, 2009

Right up there with putting your pillows in the sun, this tip comes directly from my grandmother who was matter of fact and eco friendly back when it was just called being frugal. Not only was she an avid gardener, but because she was a southern california gardener she was always very aware of water consumption. So whenever it rained not only did she move most of the plants to a spot where they could catch the rainwater but she also put out barrels and bowls to collect as much of it as she could:

She'd use the filled up barrels over the following weeks to continue watering her potted plants, citing that the water had more 'good stuff' for plants than the water that comes out of the hose. And don't worry, she kept all of her collected rainwater covered so it never bred mosquitos.

You might not have a huge garden, but if you have a chance, move some of you indoor plants outside, or some that might be covered by a porch to catch some of the rainwater and maybe throw out a couple of bowls or buckets to use up over the next couple of weeks. It might not be as fancy as some of the rainwater collection systems out there, but you can start today and your plants will thank you.

See my gramma's garden (and the results of rainwater and a lot of hard work) right here.

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