Look! Self-Cooling Media Cabinet Keeps Melt Downs at Bay

Look! Self-Cooling Media Cabinet Keeps Melt Downs at Bay

Sonia Zjawinski
Jun 6, 2008

Have you ever put your hand inside your entertainment cabinet after watching a movie? You could bake Thanksgiving dinner in there! With all those power hogging components -- DVD player, stereo, DVR -- all working overtime to keep you entertained, the small cabinet they're housed in can really keep in the heat. And with more peripherals cramming their way into your media center -- hello AppleTV! -- it's only going to get worse in there.

That's where Salamander Designs comes in. They design A/V furniture and one of their add-ons is a built-in cooling fan.

Their Active Cooling System uses a remote thermostat that you place on top of your components. When it detects that things are getting too hot it activates two fans (one pushes cool air in, while the other sucks hot air out).

You can also add vented shelves to keep things circulating even more.

The add-ons can be included in any of Salamander's media centers. We're digging the Berlin 236, which features an opening in the middle (hidden by a grill) that can hide a center speaker. [via Dwell]

Photos: Salamander Designer

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