Look! Simple Modern Planter and Trellis

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For renters, even if you have a garden that you can plant, you may not want to commit to putting things in the ground because you want to be able to take your garden with you. This combination planter and trellis is the perfect solution:

From last month’s Homes and Gardens, this set-up is simple enough to construct yourself, well not us, but we’re hoping you can, and the clean box planter is big enough to plant a fairly large plant (like a dwarf meyer lemon tree). With the addition of such a strong trellis, you could plant a grape vine (as is pictured) or a climbing rose or maybe just some sweet peas. Trellises can often be fussy and too cute, but this one is modern, clean and durable. And with this planter, you can move it as you move since the trellis isn’t attached to a wall but rather the planter itself.