Look! Simple Tree Skirts

While holiday shopping this weekend I spotted this tree skirt in a store window. Getting past the fake tree, this seems like a great way to dress up your Fraser Fir for not a lot of buck.

Start with your favorite fabric, plaid flannel seems to be all the rage these days. Or maybe you have an old quilt that’s seen better days. And who doesn’t have bundles of burlap lying around? One crafty Christmas elf even used neckties.

Cutting perfect circles can be tricky, but head over to The Paper Pony for simple tricks to get the job done. Or try tracing the pattern from the bottom of a trash can or planter.

To make things easier than tinsel, just bunch the fabric around the base. Your tree will look warm and cozy in no time.

Images: 1 Geoff Bentz; 2 Country Living; 3 Paper Pony; 4 Sewing With Neckties; 5 Fave Crafts