Look!: Small Space, Big Style

Look!: Small Space, Big Style

Gregory Han
Jun 19, 2006

Thursday last week, Emily and I invited the production crew from HGTV's Small Space, Big Style to film our Silver Lake studio and interview us about the trials and tribulations of living together in our small space. This opportunity arose from participating in this year's Apartment Therapy smallest coolest apartment contest. And although we didn't win, we have happily found ourselves with many new friends, acquaintances and opportunities born out of the event, including now being filmed for a television show (yikes!).

Emily describes her collection of sewing supplies and books, while the producer looks on.

The crew promptly arrived a little before 9am, beginning a long day together in a very small space (and without air conditioning, mind you). After surveying the lay of the proverbial land, the producer amusingly remarked that he had quite a challenge filming a 639 sq. ft apartment with nine distinct spaces, as our 1917 built studio is divided into discreet nooks and crannies that give the place both charm and architectural interest, but make for a poor location for setting up all the lights, sound equipment, and cameras required for filming the show, let alone the people themselves. They certainly earned their paychecks that Thursday afternoon, twisting, turning, bumping, and crouching all throughout the day in the pursuit of capturing the details of our home, all in high def splendor. But hats off to the crew for making it all happen, efficiently and always with an impressive can-do attitude (these guys aren't only pros, they're about the nicest bunch of fellas with a great sense of humour; we spent a great deal of the day inbetween setups chatting about interior decor, comic books, favourite concerts, literature, and T&A movie stars of the USA Network).

The crew prepares outside, stealing a couple bites of donuts for strength.

And that brings us to the filming itself. We have to admit that neither my girlfriend nor I are naturals on camera. In fact, I was a downright disaster initially, flubbing my first few lines into the double digits with frightening consistency, and quickly erasing any misplaced hopes of stardom as thespian/host/reality tv star with each "uhh" and "ummm" uttered. They say a camera adds ten pounds to a person. All ten pounds must have found refuge upon my tongue. A bit to my chagrin, I did not realize until the very day of filming the show uses an occupant(s)-as-host format (ironically, we don't get cable, thus have never even had the pleasure of seeing the show). But as the day wore on, I was able to dampen the crampin' of camera jitters, (hopefully) presented some of our apartment's details with a modicum of natural composure, and even did fairly well during a lengthy interview about some of the details and issues of living in a small space and in Silver Lake.

Here I am right before filming our introductory scene, pre-camera shy jitters.

We have yet to be informed about when the show airs, but we'll holler when we catch wind of details. And please...don't laugh too much about our deer-caught-in-the-headlights delivery. At least, not too much.

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