Look! Sticker Collection In The Closet

Look! Sticker Collection In The Closet

Abby Stone
Sep 25, 2008

atla-092508-stickers.jpgCollections are one of the most personal things one can have in one's home and they tell you a lot about someone: that they have a sense of humour and history (Gregory and Emily's collection of vintage Avon items); they value their vacation time (a friend's collection of sand from the beaches she's been to), even that they have a sense of the ironic (Abbey's collection of plastic tags from bagged bread). At a new friend's house the other day, we were helping her put stuff away and opened up the closet...

Here were the stickers from all the fruits she's eaten. It's fun, it's artistic, it's colouful. And, we definitely love that something that is sort of silly (stickers on fruit?) has been transformed into a collection (and it definitely spoke to our our childhood love of stickers). It confirmed for us what we'd suspected. Here was a kindred spirit with an off-the-wall sense of humour, a great appreciation of the ridiculous and an ability to find the beauty in every day objects.

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