Roundup: Five Unique and Stylish USB Hubs

Roundup: Five Unique and Stylish USB Hubs

Range Govindan
Jun 1, 2009

It's a given that we need USB hubs. There aren't enough USB ports on your computer to fit all of your gadgets and gizmos. USB hubs come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but ultimately people want something that works well and looks good. It's that simple. The thing is that not all USB hubs are well designed or look great. That's why we've decided to put together our faves in this post. Read on to find out more.

Art Lebedev's Spectrus
Nothing says style like this great looking USB hub from Art Lebedev. It's nice colors plus the fact that it uses them in such a great fashion, make this USB hub the one to get if you are looking for style on your desk, at work or at home. Spectrus reminds us of Pink Floyd and rainbows.

Cassette Tape USB Hub
If you want a bit of style in an old-school way, the cassette tape USB hub is perfect for you. It's small and looks good. It's perfect to have around your desk. People will wonder if you've ditched your iPod for an antique cassette player, but there is sure something iconic about this cassette tape USB hub. It attracts attention and we really like it.

Brando's USB and HD Dock
While technically, this isn't just a USB dock, but we still think it looks pretty good. What's really neat about it is that it not only acts as a USB dock, it's also a HD dock for all of those old hard drives you have lying around, plus a speaker. It also has headphone and microphone jacks, making this little gizmo a pretty useful and stylish thing to have on your desk.

Stackable USB LEGO Hub
Even though this isn't a real LEGO USB hub, it's just a knockoff LEGO hub, it still looks good. What we really like is that it's really cheap and you can stack a few different hubs if you need to. The bricks will lock and we really like this little feature. You'll be sure to get some good comments about this one.

49-Port USB Hub
Sometimes, 5 or 16 USB ports aren't just good enough. Our computers are becoming more and more just gigantic hubs for USB peripherals. This incredible-looking thing is actually an enormous USB hub. It has 49 ports! Now we don't yet have enough USB accessories to plug into all of the 49 ports on this hub, but we can sure imagine people finding them.

Will people actually use this thing? Maybe, maybe not, but it's impressive to see all those ports in one device. You could fit your flash drives, joystick, mice, keyboards, and all those other USB accessories that you normally wouldn't have plugged in. With this hub, you'll never have to worry about unplugging USB devices again! Sure, it's not really made for home use, but it's pretty interesting to see something like this. We guess that it could be used to test USB devices as well, to see if they are performing well.

Would you believe that it's actually on sale? I'm sure that you thought that this thing was a joke, but it works. It's available from Cambrionix for about $645. That's a bit much for out tastes, but I'm sure that people will find a use for it. Sure it's ridiculous, but there is a fine line between awesomeness and ridiculousness. [via Crunchgear]

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