Look! A Trash Can With A Catch

Look! A Trash Can With A Catch

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 19, 2009

One of our projects over the last month has been the rehabilitation of this old 55 gallon barrel (is it an oil drum if it never held oil?). Now before you stay "How could you ever have that much trash," it's not for every day use and it has a catch, literally...

This empty barrel was set outside of a building that had been gutted for salvage. No one claimed the barrel, so like any good scavenger, we drug (we're from Missouri and sometimes our southern bad grammar gets the best of us) it home later that night (the husband was thrilled).

We used a wire brush drill attachment and went to town sanding the inside. We were only knocking a few burs off so our bag wouldn't catch upon removal and a few minutes later, it looked good as new and was ready for some shiny red paint! A few cans later it looked like a fire engine ready for battle!

(*EDIT*: Please note that if you are unaware of what was in the barrel sanding or the removal of rust isn't exactly healthy or safe. We however, chose to live life on the edge and were ok with doing so in this instance. But that's just us and this instance.)

Our original intention was to use it for outdoor gatherings or parties where there's usually a good deal of waste generated. We wanted something that was a step up from a trash bag tied to a chair back, but something that still felt industrial yet clean (normal people don't worry that their trash looks "clean" do they?).

But what makes this trash can really work, is it's ability to hold the large trash bag without it falling back inside the can. We took a 3/4" piece of hose and had it cut to length at our local hardware store. When we returned home the husband cut a slit down the entire length of the hose (please use something sharp and lots of caution!) and it now grips tightly to the 1/2" metal rim right inside the lip of the can. The rim inside is left over from cutting the original lid off the can, but the hose grips it tight and holds a bag in place, even when large heavy objects are tossed inside.

It would even work well in your workshops or garages to round up the bits of trash that occur here and there!

As Martha Stewart would say, it's a good thing!

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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