Look! What the Couch Ate

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sad, but true. And humorous, too. When scavenging for the TV/DVD player remote, we lifted the couch to look underneath, and heard something inside of it move. We tipped the couch (and then out of curiosity, the love seat too) onto its back and used a scissors to slit an opening in the bottom fabric big enough to bravely stick our hand inside and see what was lodged in our couch.

Out came two remotes (neither of which was the one we originally were looking for), including one I had written off years ago; the other was to our VCR that is stashed in a closet. A couple of magazines, pens, a few bits of trash, a ramen seasoning packet from my husband’s bachelor days, and then a few really useful/amazing items, namely the cord to my iPod, the one that had been waterlogged, and my husband’s glasses that he lost shortly after we had first met, over 5 years ago. Which also means that the glasses were moved from Madison to Minneapolis in the couch.

Have you lost remotes, cords, or anything useful for an extended period of time? What did you find that you never expected to? We want to hear your stories!

Oh, and the remote we were looking for was actually just behind the love seat. We’ll be looking into a universal remote that is attached by retractable cord to the media stand so it won’t ever get lost (ha, ha!).