Look! Wood Induction Charger

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are die hard fans of tech modification – especially when they are as successful and unique as this. There are a lot of us out there that wouldn’t mind having a Powermat, but they just aren’t available in very many styles that aren’t complete eye sores.

Jason V. took it upon himself to retrofit his Powermat into a plank of wood. It most certainly wasn’t an easy task, and it’s definitely not a process that everyone can do themselves – but he opened a can of worms with this one (in a good way!) Now we feel ourselves wishing for a wood plank Powermat for christmas.

According to his Instructables &mdash he was looking for a way to transform his Powermat into something that would match his home design. He routed out an area of the wood so that he would have a place to glue the “guts” of the Powermat. The trick was getting the top layer of the wood thin enough, without breaking through so that devices could still recognize the Powermat.

The Wood Induction Charger even has a industrial felt bottom to ensure no surfaces get scratched.