Look! Yuken Teruya's Toilet Roll Art

Look! Yuken Teruya's Toilet Roll Art

Gregory Han
Feb 17, 2009

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Our favourite work of artist Yuken Teruya's Everyday Objects collection are his Corner Forest pieces, carefully cut papercraft artwork made from toilet paper rolls, delicately reminding us through his lovely craftsmanship that paper items were born from the life of trees. Nearly as striking are his Forest Series pieces made from disposable paper bags, alongside additional flora that springs forth from the front pages of the New York Times and form within the pages of books...

Teruya describes his own work as such:

Pizza Boxes, a McDonald's bag, Flags, Desserts and Toilet Paper rolls... when these items become artworks, they also easily become political, maybe because they are taken from daily life. But if you find unexpected shapes and colors from the toilet rolls, they become something else. It's not about politics anymore, and you can take out the idea of toilet paper roll to your house.

Without criticizing the present, I prefer to find new clues to problems that are likely to polarize.

I feel that my work shouldn't only have the function of conveying the artist's message. My works have a right to simply be beautiful or offer any kind of attraction.

No argument here...proof that beautiful things can be made from mundane everyday objects when we seek the unexpected.

[via booooooom.com]

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