How This Popular Etsy Seller Makes Everyday Items Beautiful

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Loop Design Studio/Etsy)

The Store: Loop Design Studio
The Maker: Elisheva Manekin

Elisheva Manekin has been designing home decor for seven years, and launched her current business, Loop Design Studio, three years ago. Over that time, her modern, minimal works have scooped up tens of thousands of fans and customers (including us!). Her mission statement—to elevate “humble, everyday objects” while still keeping their functionality—is likely the reason why so many have joined her loyal fanbase. “I want my designs to enhance people’s everyday, not take it over,” Manekin says.

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Aside from function-forward designs, Manekin says another one of her driving inspirations for her business is something also close to her heart: Her mother. Growing up, her family moved a lot, but her mother always made sure each place felt like home.

“She would schlep so many things [with us w hen we moved] that most people wouldn’t consider essential for a short stay,” Manekin explains, “That shaped the way I interpret [the meaning of] ‘home’ and made me become interested in product design [and] the way objects make you feel things.”

We talked with Manekin about her shop, her best-selling pieces, and which celebrity she would most like to see buy one of her designs. Let’s take a closer look at this lovely shop and its owner:

Does your shop’s name have a background story?
I wish there was more of a story behind it! I was a part of a collaboration called Hook and Loop, and when we parted ways we joked how I would now be just Loop. In the end, that’s what happened after not being able to come up with a new name.

What is the best-selling item in your shop?
Our large felt storage baskets, tied with our wall hooks.

(Image credit: Loop Design Studio/Etsy)

What’s something that people don’t think about in your line of work?
The manufacturing aspect. Most people don’t realize how much work goes into making a product, especially with a minimalist design which seems so simple. Our wall hooks, for example, go through [a rigorous process]: sanding, sawing, then sawing again, sanding again, drilling, two different pieces of hardware are then inserted, after which we mask them for painting (three coats), then sanding and packaging. But in the end it looks like a simple peg protruding from the wall at an angle. It’s a lot of work making something look simple.

(Image credit: Loop Design Studio/Etsy)

Have you ever gotten any curious or “out there” custom requests?I’ve had lots of cat related requests. People want to know if cats can fit into our stuff. But we have a cat, so I completely understand!

What do you do for inspiration when you’re stuck?
I try to meet regularly with friends who are also designers; being creative alone is really difficult. Though, doing the most repetitive manufacturing (like sanding) can be meditative. After a while, your mind starts to wander which doesn’t happen often with a busy lifestyle.

Do you have a favorite Etsy store, you know, besides your own?
I love Lee Coren for bags, Contour Studio for jewelry, and Waen for beautiful terrariums.

What celebrity would you like most to buy one of your products?
Mindy Kaling. She seems like a really cool person with amazing style.

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