Lorena Barrezueta Giveaway Winner: kkp

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s no surprise that ATers love color. Just take a look at all the entries for our Color Contest! So, in picking the winner of the Lorena Barrezueta porcelain dish (courtesy of The Curiosity Shoppe), we knew we’d have another challenge on our hands. Ultimately, it was kkp’s entry that stood out:

“Red, Red, Red!!! As a true redhead, I endured a childhood during which I was always told that I could NEVER WEAR RED. Apparently in the 70s that was considered a big no-no for redheads (clash??). The outcome of years of RED deprivation has made it my favorite color forevermore; I wear it whenever I can, use it for strategic accents in my apartment (particularly the kitchen), and have numerous pairs of red shoes.”

Congrats, kkp! And thanks again to The Curiosity Shoppe as well as everyone who entered.