Loudspeaker Cuckoo Clock: Adding a Bit of Kinetic Energy To Your Music

Loudspeaker Cuckoo Clock: Adding a Bit of Kinetic Energy To Your Music

Range Govindan
Dec 12, 2008

What do you get when you combine a loudspeaker with a cuckoo clock? This isn't something that people usually have questions about, but St├ęphane Vigny thought about this long and hard before modifying some loudspeakers. Now you might wonder what the use is. Strangely enough, the loudspeaker still works fine after this modification. It's just added another feature.

This is an project by French artist St├ęphane Vigny and it combines a cuckoo clock with a giant loudspeaker. How does it work? When the bass is at its loudest, the largest speaker on the bottom is released thanks to a hinge mechanism. It's sort of catapulted into a room. When the loudness diminishes, it retreats to its cabinet. We aren't sure of the exact purpose, but it's still kind of cool to have music make the speaker do something crazy like that.

Vigny says that it's not only the bottom speaker that gets to do this. All three speakers do the same motion intermittently. They do it when other sound waves match their highest peak. Each speaker can come out alone or with the two others at the same time. The possibilities are endless. The only thing that you have to remember is to not stay in front of it while all this kinetic movement is about to occur! [via Make]

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