Love Me, Love My Art?

Love Me, Love My Art?

Colleen Quinn
Sep 7, 2011

Earlier this week, AnnaMaria shared a story about buying original artwork as a couple, and asked our readers for thoughts about purchasing original artwork. I have also bought my fair share of art with my husband, especially when we are traveling — pieces that we both love and are able to easily display in our home. And then there are those other pieces…

Unfortunately, despite our ability to pick out art together that we both love, we seem to have an equal knack for picking up art separately that fills the other with loathing. The steampunk painting I bought at a show that my husband despises. The pencil portrait he picked up at an auction that makes me cringe. The textiles he bought me overseas that I want to lose in a move. The photographs I bought him that he hides in a drawer.

In each case, what we face is a matter of taste, and the dilemma of how to address those taste differences in our home. I don't want to only hang the art that we choose together, but I also don't want to have to look at that pencil portrait every day! As we work our way through the last of the moving boxes (yes, it has been months), we are hitting up against the hard decisions of where (and whether) to hang these contentious pieces.

Though we have each taken some of our favorites to hang at work, those office walls are only so big and so we are still left with choices to make. I would love to hear what others do, folks who came into relationships with art they love, folks who bought art for a significant other only to realize beauty so often is in the eye of the beholder. How do you decide which art to hang and which art to hide? Do you get rid of pieces that don't appeal to both of you? Do you hide them away for posterity? Do you proudly hang your finds no matter how crazy it drives your better half?

Images: Colleen Quinn

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