Cool blog : Prairie Mod

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Prairie Mod” was a commenter on a post last week. We clicked through to the url they linked and loved what we found. A sample of cool posts from the front page of their blog:

  • a link to the NY times piece on the Lincoln Park home designed by John Ronin.
  • a Usonian house constructed from 2002-2004
  • a link to a new blog that we also stuck in our favorites immediately: Modern Cottage
  • thoughts on reducing the amount of trash we produce
  • From the Prairie Modern style defined post: “We at PrairieMod want to keep the focus on the ideas and less on a particular “style”. We will try and make this a 21st century forum to showcase books, art, products, places and ideas that fit with our own particular take on the new cultural movement we affectionately refer to as “Prairie Modern.” Hopefully we’ll do it in style.

    Worth a click: