Hero Houseplants That Survive (& Even Thrive!) in Really Dark Rooms

updated Jul 23, 2020
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One of the biggest frustrations of low-light living spaces is the difficult job of keeping houseplants happy. While all plants do need some sun to survive, even the light-challenged are in luck if they know what plant to look for.

Here are a few fool-proof options for low-light apartments:

These plants start as a small cluster of leaves but then explode into dazzlingly long vines of verdant green. And they’re pretty easy to care for. It’s no surprise that they are also called devil’s vine or devil’s ivy — because they are almost impossible to kill. They look particularly great placed high on a bookshelf with tendrils cascading over the sides.

The cast iron plant is named for its ability to survive almost anything. If you’re looking for low-maintenance greenery that can survive low light, low humidity, irregular watering, and temperature fluctuation, the cast iron plant is THE plant for you.

Peace lilies are vibrant and lovely, with verdant leaves that grace any indoor space with a touch of life. They’re also on NASA’s list of top air-cleaning plants. The really great news, though, is that peace lilies are easy to care for —making them a go-to favorite for offices and other low-light situations.

These slow-growing, glossy green beauties are often mistaken for fake plants because of their shiny leaves, but unlike the faux versions, they help clean the air indoors. They are tough little buggers and can handle a range of conditions, including little sunlight.

Snake plants, also know as mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria, have become increasingly popular, and rightly so. With their striking lines and hardiness, they’re the houseplants even black thumbs can show off, and look especially good in mid-century, minimalist homes. As a bonus: they also act as air purifiers to improve your home’s air quality.

Still need help finding the right plant for you? Keep exploring your options:

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