Low Living Rooms

One of the most common mistakes we see in small homes has to do with scale. While one oversized piece of furniture can make a small room feel larger, too much big furniture can quickly make a room feel cramped. Low, small-scale pieces—on the other hand—can expand the sense of space in a small apartment.

If you’re decorating a small living room, think about furniture that sits close to the floor and feels visually lightweight. Pieces like these can emphasize the ceiling height while creating a casual hang-out kind of vibe that’s usually well suited to a small space.

  1. Ligne Roset’s Togo Sofa is a contemporary, space-age type of seating that sits on the ground, creating a comfortable and casual arrangement in a small home.
  2. Low furniture helps to emphasize height in a home with large windows and high ceilings (like Design Debutante’s Little Loft, shown above).
  3. To create a variety of different spaces, use furniture at different heights. Frances’ studio incorporates a high window seat, a low sofa, and mid-height chairs.
  4. Layering rugs and textiles helps a room to feel like a casual hang-out space, where people can grab a chair or a floor cushion. To see more examples from the family home shown above, click here.
  5. Neutral colors, low seating, and a large rug make Vinh’s living room seem larger than it is.
  6. A daybed (like the one shown above from Nathan Andrew’s home) serves as both sleeping and seating area. Low, horizontal lines make the space around the bed feel expansive.
  7. If you’re working with one largish room that needs to fulfill several functions, try a low sofa backed by a console table, like the one shown in Kimberly and Josh’s loft. This arrangement creates surface space for a desk or bar area behind the couch.
  8. One of the nice things about low furniture is the way it looks right at home next to a stack of books or casually placed side table. Heather and Paul’s home uses low-profile pieces to create a laid-back, welcoming feeling.
  9. Jenny and Clove got a great deal on a low Ligne Roset sofa purchased via craigslist. The height of the sofa emphasizes the large picture windows above.
  10. Low, visually lightweight furniture works really well in a space—like Stefan’s—with floor-to-ceiling windows. The low scale of the furniture keeps the focus on the view.

Photos: imcaffeine, Design Debutante, Phillip Maisel, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Vinh, Nathan Andrew, Heather Blaha, Liezel Strauss, Jill Slater, Leah Moss