Low-Flow Shower Heads Designed to Save Money

Low-Flow Shower Heads Designed to Save Money

Taryn Williford
Feb 16, 2011

Most serious energy savers—like Energy Star appliances—cost a fortune to bring home and install, seemingly negating any real savings for you. But a installing a low-flow shower head will save serious cash—not only on your water bill, but your gas bill too (thanks to having less water to heat up for your morning rinse). Check out these cool low-flow shower heads that feature extra water-saving features.

There's plenty of ways to cut corners and make showers a bit more frugal, but these three low-flow shower heads do all the tough work for you:

Perfect-Temperature Trickle
The worst thing you can do is let water rush down the drain before you hop in the shower—but nobody wants to get in to a freezing cold downpour in the dead of winter. That's why the RoadRunner shower head from Evolve ($39.99) features ShowerStart Technology. Draw your shower as usual, and when the water reaches your set temperature, the low-flow turns into a tiny trickle, saving your hot water until you get in.

Dictate Shower Times
Wish you could be the dictator of shower land in your house? Or maybe you just need a friendly reminder of when time's up in the tub. Either way, the Shower Manager ($97.30), which has been featured on HGTV and the Discovery channel, lets the head of household program 5, 8 or 11 minute showers for everyone who uses it. But instead of shutting off abruptly at the end of your time, you'll get a warning beep 60 seconds before the shower flow is cut by 2/3—just enough to rinse the shampoo out of your hair and get going.

Take a Pause
Water Pik's low-flow EcoFlow shower head ($29.99) promises to save you $81 annually. But that number can go up into the hundreds if you take advantage of it's water pause toggle switch, which lets you pause the water flow in your shower—to shave or lather up—then resume your rinse down at the same temperature as before.

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