Late-Breaking Events

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Map of Oakland (that sort of ties in with the LoBot Gallery event)

Here are two art events that missed yesterday’s Events Calendar. Elka’s seen the LoBot Gallery exhibit and says there’s a lot of great art. And aquarabbit has four pieces in the Tiny Things show. Both are terrific resources for affordable art.

  • LoBot Gallery
    • Community Virology: This show is the result of releasing a constructed virus into Oakland. The action of this virus is simple: It infects only Oakland artists and causes them to infect other Oakland artists. The virus is initially within 6 people. Each of these people will infect 6 more people. This process will happen 4 times, resulting in 1,554 artists being infected, and 1,554 pieces of art being exhibited
    • Saturday-July 28
    • Oakland
  • Frankenart Mart
    • Tiny Things: Reasonably priced artwork that’s no bigger than three inches
    • Today-Sept. 30
    • SF

    Thanks, Elka and aquarabbit!