Good Questions: Photo of Rabbi Who Keeps Rats Away?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

Help! Quite a while ago I read on AT: NY about a woman who had a photo of a rabbi who supposedly keeps rats away. Can you help me find the post, and a photo of the rabbi?


Rat-hating resident

Dear rat-hating resident,

Here’s Pearl’s House Tour to which you’re referring. (It’s actually a rebbe who keeps mice away, but maybe he’ll work on rats, too.)

Pearl wrote in the comments that the cards are “available at any “seforim” (book) store in Boro Park or Williamsburg and/or Eichlers (probably only the one in Boro Park has it).” She also has an audio tour of Williamsburg that “gives a Hasidic tour including the rebbes known for one blessing or another.”

We’ve contacted Eichler’s, and they told us that although “at least one person calls every week asking for it,” they don’t have the card, or even know the name of the rebbe. Our Internet searches were unsuccessful, and we’re waiting to hear back from Pearl, and some other sources. (Is everyone on vacation except us? We seem to be waiting to hear from so many people about so many things.)

In the meantime, does anyone else know?

(And be sure to check out Pearl’s House Tour and read about her film, Divan, if you haven’t already.)