Hour Glass

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the things on our To Do List is to look for a timer.

Actually, it was on our list about six months ago and then somehow it slipped off and was forgotten. Until one day recently we forgot we’d left laundry soaking in the washing machine — and we didn’t remember until hours later.

Another day we completely lost track of the time — that’s not unusual, except we were shocked when we realized it was about five hours later than we thought, and we should have moved on from one project to another much, much earlier.

We need a timer. Or we need an Hour Glass, which would be calmer than being interrupted by a loud bell or other sound. Oh, and that ticking sound, there’s always that ticking sound.

This Hour Glass is simple and modern, and even sculptural. From Bay Area company Roost, it comes with either black or white sand and is $28 at Propeller.