HGTV’s 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although we didn’t see HGTV’s 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes, we caught the list on Anh-Minh’s blog.

The photo shows #2 — Too many pillows — which reminds us of this home (although in their case, it was just that there were pillows all over the place).

So how many of these decorating sins are in your house?

25. Toilet rugs
24. Too many photos
23. Ignoring the foyer

22. Undressed cables
21. Out-of-place themes
20. Outdated accessories
19. Lopsided furniture arrangements
18. Keeping something you hate
17. Too formal
16. Uncomfortable dining chairs
15. Lack of traffic pattern
14. Everything matches
13. Following fads
12. Furniture that doesn’t fit
11. Too many colors or patterns
10. Floating rugs
9. Improper lighting
8. Frames hung too high
7. Tacky couch covers
6. Pushed-back furniture
5. Ignoring windows
4. Fear of color
3. Knick-knack overload
2. Too many pillows
1. Fake flowers