The Ordinary Household Object You Won’t Want To Hide Away

published Nov 22, 2016
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I saw this ladder for the second time when I was at IDS West in Vancouver back in September and it just had such a great look to it — I knew it would be the perfect fit for my Daily Find. We reached out to Hasegawa Ladders to see a sample, and they sent us two of their Lucano 3-step Ladders to test out. Watch the video above and read on to see why these ladders are a must-have for your home!

It’s no surprise that these Lucano ladders won Japan’s Good Design Award — Hasegawa has transformed a very basic household item into a graceful work of art. You will never want to bury this ladder deep in your closet: in addition to being a useful object, it is also a stunning design piece.

First off, this ladder is tall but incredibly light-weight and totally portable. While it can support up to 300 pounds, it weighs only 11. Made of super smooth aluminum and steel, it is durable while remaining light as a feather. All the Lucano ladders are expertly crafted AND assembled by hand, so each one receives an incredible amount of care.

(Image credit: Hasegawa)

One of the coolest things about this ladder is that not only can it stand alone as a design piece — it can also, quite literally, stand alone. Hasegawa’s ladders are designed so that they don’t have to lean against a wall when they are closed and upright. This seemingly magical feature not only saves space but will really impress your guests.

Finally, these ladders have beauty in the details. They are available in 5 colors: red, orange, white, black and a gorgeous mint green featured here. All the fastening screws are hidden away so the eye can focus on the ladder’s slim, graceful profile. I’m so impressed by Hasegawa’s ability to transform such a banal household object into a stunning art piece — who knew there would be this much to say about ladders! This 3-step one will be spending the rest of its days in my kitchen — join me by buying one for yourself!

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