Luciol's Digital Bookmarks Organizes Your Real World Library

Luciol's Digital Bookmarks Organizes Your Real World Library

Anthony Nguyen
May 29, 2009

While placing bookmarks may seem like an everyday, even mundane, task for some, there's always room for improvement when you make it go digital. In comes Luciol, a digital bookmarking device by Defne Civelekoglu, that basically acts is a digital "bookmarker" for all of your personal or public collections of media by storing all the information you would normally uh.. "store in your mind" in a "smart bookmarks" database that's accessible via your computer.

Seeing as "bookmarking" is one of few habits we do so much of that we often don't stop to think about it, it can be useful when applied with the intention of digitally organizing a physical library. Luciol was designed to provide a better solution for the storage, accessibility and organization of printed media.

Basically, how it works is that you place one of the "digital bookmarks" in one of your books, and it will automatically get tagged and sent into a local database. When you use the Luciol software to search for that particular book, it will conveniently glow like ET's fingers for easier retrieval from your library.

We're guessing a pretty large library would see more practicality in this device, but for the majority of us who have stuck by and grown on digital media, it's hard to see a benefit for this device at all. That said, it's still kind of nice to know that someone's looking out for all the book collectors out there.

The Luciol Digital Bookmark is only a concept for now, but feel free to contact Defne for a prototype!

[Via Hometone]

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