Lunchbots: Plastic-Free Nontoxic Food Containers

Lunchbots stainless steel food containers are great when glass is too heavy for portability, and when you want to avoid plastic containers, which can leech toxins like BPA and phthalates into food. These steel containers are extremely light, long-lasting and easy to throw in your bag or briefcase.

At home, glass is the best material for food containers. Glass doesn’t leech toxins into your food. It washes with ease, not clinging to oil the way plastic containers do. It goes easily from the fridge, to the microwave, to the oven (Pyrex only), and looks nice enough to go to your tabletop. Lastly, it is transparent, making it easy to identify and manage the food in your fridge.

On the go, steel is the champion for food portability. It is light-weight and not bulky, making steel food containers convenient to take to work, to the park, or on a hike. For people managing their weight or blood sugar level, a steel food container is a great permanent fixture in their bags for emergency snacks.

As far as steel food containers go, Lunchbots go above and beyond the call of duty. Their stainless steel is independently lab-certified to be lead-free. They aren’t lined with BPA, an epoxy resin lining nearly all metal food and beverage cans. Even the top of the lid is painted with a non-VOC finish. One thing to note is that they are not water tight, so saucy food is out unless your bag carries these flat.

By choosing glass and steel food containers over plastic, you avoid a host of toxins, like BPA and phthalates, that can leech into food. And in the bigger picture, you reduce some of the planet’s plastic burden.

Buy it! Lunchbots stainless steel containers. $12.00 – $25.00

(Images: Lunchbots)