Lundby Modern Dollhouses

For a company that’s been around for more than sixty years, Lundby Dollhouses sure do keep up with the times. Designed in Sweden (but available in the U.S.), these dollhouses have the clean, sleek aesthetic we associate with modern style, but are full of personality and details. Just looking through the photo galleries on the company’s website gives you a sense of the quirky fun to be had.

There are three dollhouses: the apartment-sized Gotland, the larger Smaland and Barbie Dreamhouse-rivaling Stockholm. You won’t find any pull toilets in their home furnishings and accessories either which are all “of the moment” including “stainless steel” kitchen appliances, a whirlpool tub and a mod bouncy chair for babies.

Widely available in Europe, we found them for sale in the US at Cheeky Monkey Toys. The houses range in price from $128 – $170 with furnishings sold separately. You can see the full range at the Lundby Dollhouse site (in English or Swedish). There’s also a We Love Lundby Club website with fun historical information and photos.

Are you already a Lundby Lover?