Lu's Big Day: Picking a Theme

Lu's Big Day: Picking a Theme

Dabney Frake
May 21, 2013

Okay, so I signed up to do this party-gig-bash for a bunch of three-year-olds in June, and now I have to deliver on the goods. Because who wants to anger a gaggle of toddlers in the heat of summer? Not me, that's who. 

Theme: And there began the age-old debate. Do you pepper a party with images of Dora, Diego, Mickey or someone called Doc McStuffins? Since I am the disapproving, cynical aunt who — no doubt — knows how to parent better than an actual parent, I have strong opinions to unabashedly foist upon my unsuspecting relatives. Down with television characters that stifle creativity! Make homemade sculpting clay, not war! Raise only free-range children! 

But, since Lu's professed favorite color is pink, do I disappoint a little girl? Or will she even miss it? And, how will we ever overcome these first-world problems to live happily?

What has been sticking in my head is this image at the lead of this post. It's from an event in Japan promoting the Second Coming of the Messiah, i.e. washi tape. I love all the crazy colors and the mix of patterns, and this was my inspiration starting out. So if there must be pink, then let it be hot pink. And then I'll throw in a healthy dose of black and white as a counterpoint. And if there must be flowers, then let them be offset by stripes and crazy polka dots. There. A compromise was born.

Today's learnings:
  • Dora may be the devil's spawn
  • I know everything there is to know about having children
  • Lu's party will be a mishmash of colors, patterns and art supplies
Dabney's Party Planning Diary:

(Images: 1. MT Expo, 2. Dora)

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