Luxurite Kitchen TV: For Non-Stop Food Networking

Luxurite Kitchen TV: For Non-Stop Food Networking

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 3, 2009

If you've been tempted to add a TV to your kitchen before, but don't want a gigantic one overpowering your kitchen, you might want to check out Luxurite's Kitchen TVs. Marketed as a "lifestyle" product (Oh, we know you hate that word right there), it'll give you something to distract yourself with while waiting for the water to boil or cookies to finish baking. Now, let's take a look at what's cookin' on TV tonight...

Our model here demonstrates the correct way to use the TV while chopping vegetables. Eyes away from TV. Now, focus on the veggies.

If you're worried about the Kitchen TV not matching your decor, the guys at Luxurite feel it'll blend effortlessly since provided is specially designed kitchen hooks that enable the TV to be attached to the cabinets easily and without a mess.

The TV was a width of about 5cm and can be folded into a compact position when not in use. A VGA connector ensures you can convert the Kitchen TV to work as your laptop or desktop PC, and an integrated DVD player with USB ports and three-in-one card reader allows you to read and play all types of media on this one-of-a-kind kitchen entertainment hub.

The Luxurite Kitchen TV comes in 3 models (Digital TV, DVB/T-Analogue and ATSC/Analogue) and 3 colors (silver, black, and white). Pricing and availability can be had at

[via HomeTone]

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