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Our upstairs neighbors at our new office are renovating and subsequently have been reading the blog. They just sent this in. It’s about, which we haven’t covered yet. It seems to be a great resource for those high priced task chairs everyone wants, so consider this report a grain of salt.

Dear AT,

Just wanted to alert you to a horrible shopping experience we’ve had with Given that many of your readers are furniture geeks like us, they might find this useful.

Our office was in need of two more Eames Aluminum Group Management chairs (black leather). We did some research online looking at pricing and availability. We came across a company called that was offering an amazing deal. These chairs typically retail for $1,200 but they were offering them for the amazing price of $774. …..

Prior to purchasing from, we were assured by Jenny (their friendly salesperson) that we were purchasing brand new, authentic Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Management Chairs (in black leather). She assured me they were in stock and would ship soon after we placed our order.

Why were they offering such amazing prices?….

She said they sold in such extreme volume that they’re able to offer them at these reduced prices.

On October 20th, immediately after placing our order, our credit card was charged for the two chairs ($1,548.00). Despite assurances they would ship right away, it took them 16 days (and several follow-up phone calls and emails) to ship just one of the chairs. This past Monday, November 7, we received the first of the two chairs. To our dismay, the chair was an unauthentic counterfeit with several significant differences in both appearance and construction from the authentic Herman Miller chair (and it was clearly different than the photo listed on their web site, which is an authentic Herman Miller chair). While the counterfeit chair might look authentic to the average person, here’s exactly how it differs from the originals:

· Different (cheaper looking) black leather used on counterfeit chair (it might be vinyl, not sure).
· Counterfeit chair has stitched leather—our authorized chairs are not stitched.
· Adjustment lever on the counterfeit is clearly different than ours and is located on the front (should be on the back of chair).
· Sizing is slightly different (with counterfeit chair being narrower on top).
· Base construction of the counterfeit is clearly different from our Eames chairs.
· Counterfeit arms are slightly different in shape and build.
· There were no corresponding Herman Miller certificates with these chairs and no warranty information (these came with our other chairs).

Immediately after receiving the counterfeit chair, I spoke with Levi Cohen (owner of who informed me there must have been a ‘mix-up.’ Mr. Cohen told me he would send the authentic chairs right away. That same day, we shipped back the counterfeit chair (which was no small feat given that our building’s elevator is out and we’re on the sixth floor). After several unanswered calls and emails to, I finally got a hold of Mr. Cohen who today (11/6/05) told me the authentic Herman Miller chairs were conveniently “unavailable.” This was interesting as I had a friend call yesterday afternoon who was assured the chairs were authentic AND in stock ready to ship. After bringing this to Mr. Cohen’s attention, they have since posted a notice on their site that they’re out-of-stock? Hmm…

I am awaiting a full credit to my credit card, which they have promised will occur in the next 24 hours. I’ll let you know if this doesn’t go through. Regardless, I can’t believe the blatant fraud and deception with which and Mr. Cohen attempt to sell their merchandise.

How odd is it that they ‘accidentally’ shipped me a counterfeit chair! If the price is too good to be true, it probably is (we’ve learned our lesson).