Lynn-Anne’s Converted Attic

Ever since we moved into a 100 year old house in Pasadena we’ve wondered what to do with the 3 non-room rooms. Oddly shaped, sloped ceilings and tiny dimensions made them bigger than closets but not quite rooms. We’re inspired by Lynn-Anne’s attic conversion into a library/lounge/playroom that looks modern and functional.

Lynn-Anne took advantage of a rainy Sunday to tackle the boxes of books she had been storing. Eyeing the space in the attic, she realized that she could create a cozy nook using a sofa she already had and just needed to install shelving behind to create a combination play room, library and hang out. We love how comfortable the space feels and how much light still gets into an attic space.

And with a crisp palette of black (chalkboard paint) and white shelves with colorful books, the attic is a modern hideaway. We feel inspired to create something similar in our home so that we can slip away and cozy up with a good book, a comfy blanket and no interruptions!

Read more about Lynn-Anne’s transformation on her blog Fergus And Me.