Look! Mac Mini Cube: Another Way of Reutilizing Old Technology

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Anthony’s Mac Mini Cube mod is one of the most interesting mods that we’ve seen. It might just be the best Mac mini mod that you’ll ever see. Anthony says that his inspiration came from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store and the black Macbook. He wanted to recreate the G4 Cube as if Apple would have never discontinued. He wanted to turn it into a true media center.

The build is completely detailed over at 123Macmini, with insights in how he made it himself. Basically, this fits a Mac mini inside a G4 Cube. Most of this build involves connecting the two Apple products into the Cube enclosure.

We think that this build is really awesome and gives new life to old technology. Most home theater PCs looks awful. With a bit of electronic know how, Anthony transformed something that most of us would dismiss into a really useful tool for his home theater. We wish that other systems incorporated these design elements. [via Make]