Mac or PC?

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Q – I want to purchase a new computer and I’m unsure whether I should go for a Mac or PC. Right now I have Mac PowerBook but my experience has been so-so. No, after 4 years it’s dying a weird slow death. I’d like to be to have my cell phone, computer, as well as a wireless speaker system in my home, allwork together. I know Apple is famous for this. But I haven’t had a great quality experience. What do you think?

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Editor – To the surprise of many, the majority of the team here at Unplggd work on PC machines. The couple of us who work on Macs are happily using iMacs and Macbook Pros, but we’d feel like we’d be throwing ourselves into a silly debate of which platform is best for you, since both Macs and PCs have merits and the best computer will be the one you can most easily incorporate and use in your life. Personally if I wasn’t so happy with my own Macbook Pro, I’d happily trade sides and work on one of the excellent Sony VAIO SR models, which are Apple-like in design and construction. But I haven’t been much of a fan of Windows since 3.1 and with Bootcamp available for Macs, it’s become a non-issue. Still, I’d love to one day have some extra funds to put together a serious PC gaming and media rig together…the Apple TV isn’t cutting it.

That all being said, we thought we’d open this Pandora’s box and let readers chime in about their own preferences and experiences. Let’s keep it nice and civil, folks…because when it comes down to it, they’re just tools to get work and play done.

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