MacBook Air Survives Airplane Crash!

MacBook Air Survives Airplane Crash!

Range Govindan
Apr 17, 2009

It seems pretty obvious that if you are involved in any kind of crash, things will go bad for your gadgets. Things will go really bad for your laptop, since naturally, it's not wearing a seatbelt. Yesterday, it was reported that an unsecured laptop actually killed someone in a car crash. This makes the following story even more amazing. A man was in a plane crash. It wasn't a slight crash, people died. However, this man survived and his MacBook Air survived the crash as well.

The Turkish Airways flight crashed in Amsterdam last February, killing 9 people and injuring 121 others. Passenger Sefer Baris and his MacBook Air both survived the crash. However, both needed some help to get better after this ordeal.

Bulent, one of Baris' friends, tells Macenstein what happened:

He was sitting on the chair in the front [of the airplane]. Seat number seven. (3-4 chairs from the business class). He has his MacBook Air with him, he was watching a movie. When the plane began to land, he closed his MacBook Air, and put it in the skin. A couple of minutes [later] there was the crash."

Baris nearly broke his neck in the accident. His MacBook was bent. It's a miracle that multiple operations have been performed on Baris and he can walk again. Strangely enough, the sturdy unibody construction of his MacBook Air prevented it from being completely destroyed. It was still able to boot up and the hard drive wasn't toast. With some Apple Care love, it will be back on its unibody feet once again. It's good to mention that Baris' iPhone made it through the crash as well, without a scratch. [Macenstein via Gizmodo, images via Macenstein]

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