MacBook Mini: Perfect Looking, But Fake or Leak?

MacBook Mini: Perfect Looking, But Fake or Leak?

Range Govindan
Mar 30, 2009

Let's be honest. A lot of us want to get Apple computers, but in the end, they are quite expensive compared to similarly specced PCs. We call it the Apple tax. Then again, Apple users and fan boys will say that their computers rarely break down. Over time, you are compensated with reliability for that price. Apple has been in the wind about new smaller computers for a while. We've heard about a tablet Mac and a netbook, but this is the first real look at it that we got. The only question is, is it real?

Apparently, this is a spy shot or a rendering of the new MacBook Mini. It may be a concept, but it looks pretty good. Actually, this appeared in a Russian magazine. It will have a 10.4" WXGA screen, a 64GB SSD, and powered by an 1.83GHz Atom processor. The article mentions that the MacBook Mini will be released in 2009 for $899.

With Apple having patented a touch-based device and the MacBook being available at about $1000, there is room in the market for a netbook like this. The price seems a bit high because of the Solid State Drive. If they offered a normal HD, the price would be significantly lower. As they mentioned in those new Microsoft ads, you can get an HP 17-inch screen laptop for $699. Currently, the MacBook Pro is selling for $2799. That doesn't leave much choice for people wanting to absolutely get a 17-inch model. Plus, those HPs look pretty good. I have seen one up close and personal, and it's a pretty nifty machine for that amount of money.

Needless to say, we still haven't confirmed if this is the real thing or just another photoshop rendering. However, it does look pretty good. [9to5 via Gizmodo]

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