Disney Princess Sheet Masks Exist & They’re As Magical As You Think

published Sep 9, 2018
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(Image credit: Mad Beauty)

Becoming a Disney princess just got a whole lot easier. Rather than fly to Orlando, Florida or Anaheim, California, for a Disney makeover, you can do everything right from your own bedroom or bathroom with a little less makeup and hairspray, and more face masks and hair masks.

No matter how old you are, it is always cool to embrace what you love and if you want to be a Disney princess, you should have every chance you can possibly get. If only there were a way to achieve the perfect, windblown hair that every princess has. Rapunzel truly is hair goals. And now, with these Disney princess face and hair masks, maybe you can get close.

Mad Beauty sells a variety of products that any beauty lover would want in their stockpile. Among their best products are these Disney princess sheet masks that actually make you “look” like a princess.

You can transform into either Ariel, Belle, Aurora, or Jasmine. Each of these masks retails for £3.99 (which is $5.16). If you pick Jasmine, you’re getting a sheet mask that has antioxidant green tea to replenish and revitalize skin. The Sleeping Beauty mask is lavender-infused, to relax and calm your skin (and you). Belle’s sheet mask is enriched with rose water to help give you healthy, glowing skin. The Ariel mask is infused with cucumber to cool and hydrate your skin. You can also lather your hair in a Disney princess hair mask while you wait for your sheet mask to dry. The hair masks are also £3.99 (which is $5.16).

If princesses just aren’t your thing, that is all well, because villains can have more fun. Mad Beauty also sells face masks for popular villains like Ursula from The “Little Mermaid,” Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” and Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians.” Each Disney villain sheet face mask retails for £3.99 (which is $5.16).

Mad Beauty sells a lot more than just face masks if you’re in need of a total beauty ritual overhaul. One item that they sell that does pair perfectly with their face masks is their terry cloth headbands, to keep your hair away from your skin while you have the mask on. Right now, out of the princesses, they currently only sell an Aurora headband for £5.99 ($7.74). If you don’t want a princess mask and headband, you can get a Minnie Mouse set.

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