Mad Men Barbie Dolls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Forget Go Fish and Candyland – if there was ever a sure incentive to get you down on the floor playing with your kids these Mad Men Barbie dolls are it. In an oddly brilliant licensing collaboration, Mattel is immortalizing four characters – Don, Betty, Roger and Joan – from the acclaimed series to enter the elite pantheon of “Barbie dolls”.

Clad in costume designer Janie Bryant-sanctioned ’60s garb (we think we even spy miniature hankies peeking out of Don and Roger’s breast pockets) but, according to a New York Times article, sans mature accoutrements like cigarettes and martini glasses which have become familiar accents in the Mad Men visual landscape.

The dolls will be sold in limited quantities beginning in July and are targeted at adult Barbie and Mad Men enthusiasts. Read more here.

(image via NYT)