Maggie & Ed's Reno: The End Is Near!

Maggie & Ed's Reno: The End Is Near!

Tess Wilson
May 15, 2015

Name: Ed and Maggie Williams (of MVW Architect)
Type of Project: Kitchen/dining/music room renovation
Location: Freret, New Orleans, LA
Type of building: Craftsman-style shotgun double

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Maggie and Ed are putting the finishing touches on their new kitchen, dining room, and music room, and everything is looking fantastic. But if you're lucky enough to be their guest, pretend you don't notice the different color temperatures of the under-cabinet lights...

From Maggie and Ed:

This week is pretty much spent completing the miscellaneous remaining items so that next week they can do the final pass at the floor and then we'll be done!
The microwave finally arrives from Australia (just kidding, although it took so long it might have!) and is installed. We have it align with the bottom of the cabinets and there will be a filler panel above it. This is a bit of a waste of space, but the Ikea cabinet above only comes in a limited selection of heights and I hate when microwaves are installed too high up to see your food.
First the backsplash tile gets installed and grouted. The backsplash is installed in my new favorite stack bond style pattern. I have them lay out the tiles so a joint is centered on the stove, which seems to be the most logical arrangement.Then the electrician comes back one last time to finish up a few final things including installing the microwave, the undercabinet lights and a dimmer for the kitchen can lights.
The under cabinet stick on LED light packages showing the different color temperatures despite being the same item number, grrr.
A view looking up at the under cabinet lights. You can kind of see the variation in color in this picture: the colors from left to right are one daylight, two bright white, three daylight. (It's easier to tell if you look at the reflection in the tile).
We bought stick-on LED lights for under the cabinets and they are very thin, so they will barely be noticeable (fingers crossed!). The electrician runs the wires behind the microwave so the plug is concealed in the cabinet above. Unfortunately after they are in we realize that they are slightly varying colors even though we ordered all the same item. Add exchanging these to our growing to do list. Ugh...
The music room is illuminated!
The replacement ceiling fan bracket (from weeks ago) randomly shows up in the mail so now we don't need the new ceiling fan we ordered, which will get returned (add that to the list). The replacement light fixture for Ed's music room also arrives and is installed.
Now that the chalkboard paint has dried we reinstall the pull-out pantry doors and then "condition" them with chalk. We love how they bring in a fun and playful element to the kitchen and can't wait to see the goofy masterpieces that emerges when our friends come over.
A view of the built-in shelves over the washer/dryer. All that space (5' tall and 3' deep) will be so much more useable now for out of the way storage, ie luggage, costumes and Christmas decorations.
Although we were really trying to avoid adding unnecessary things to the project (and budget), once I see how much space there is above the stacked washer/dryer I just have to ask the contractor to build in some shelves.
We end the week still waiting on the re-ordered end panel from IKEA, but hopefully it will show up next week and they can install it after they finish one more coat on the floors.

Estimated time for project: 12 weeks
Time remaining: 3 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Maggie and Ed Williams)

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