Maggie & Ed's Renovation: Cabinets Installed, Expectations Surpassed

Maggie & Ed's Renovation: Cabinets Installed, Expectations Surpassed

Tess Wilson
May 6, 2015
Drywall is finished and ready for priming and painting.

Name: Ed and Maggie Williams (of MVW Architect)
Type of Project: Kitchen/dining/music room renovation
Location: Freret, New Orleans, LA
Type of building: Craftsman-style shotgun double

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I can't believe it, but by the end of this post, all of Maggie and Ed's kitchen cabinetry will be installed. An impressive week's worth of work!

Close up of the right corner of the fireplace after it is brought out flush with the trim with more sheetrock

The beginning of this week they finish up the drywall, with one last minute tweak at the right side of the fireplace. The existing wood fireplace trim extends like a fin about an inch right where the new cabinets and countertop will be butting up to the chimney. To avoid a weird and potentially messy intersection, I ask them to add sheetrock to bring that corner out flush with the wood trim.

First coat of paint and I'm loving it! The white trim really pops and I love the soothing warm greige. The base under the farther window is missing because they are still searching local salvage shops for the same style as our existing base.

Now that it's time to paint we need to decide what we want to do with the trim. Our options are stained wood, paint white or strip. Currently our side of the house has glossy stained wood trim at the windows, doors and fireplaces, and white ceiling trim, while the other side of the house has all the trim painted white. We aren't very fond of the look of the super glossy wood trim, and we think white trim will better compliment the more modern look of the new space, so we decide to go with white for the base, window trim, windows and door frames, but keep the chimney as stained wood (since it's nicer oak).

Looking towards the front of the house, the walls and trim painted with the first coat. Our plan is to eventually strip all the doors and finish them with a clear satin oil/sealer, but for now we will just do our bedroom door and Ed's music room door, with these two doors to follow later when we are ready to tackle another project (ha, at the moment I feel like that might be a while!).
The music room door back from the stripping place, aptly named "Strip-Ease". For just $70 they dip the door in a mixture of lye and water and it comes out perfectly stripped of all coatings.
End of cabinet installation day 1
Mid-week they start installing the cabinets. With the cabinets and bags of screws labeled according to the drawings, hopefully things go smoothly. I get home from work and am very pleasantly surprised to see they are almost done installing the cabinet frames after just one day! But this also means we need to decide on and order the countertops immediately. We've been researching and pricing quartz options and finally decided on Hanstone quartz in 3cm Bianco Canvas. Fortunately the countertop installer/fabricator is able to come right out and measure at the end of this week. Since we are coordinating the countertop installation ourselves (not our GC) I really don't want the counters to have any delay on the project.
End of cabinet installation day 2
The cabinets are almost done and the countertop company is laser measuring for the counters. We select an eased edge and radiused corners (about 1/2"). They say the countertops should take about two weeks to fabricate and just a few hours to install. You can see on the far right the music room doorframe was installed.
By Friday the cabinets are almost completely finished, with just the end panels, filler panels and pulls left to go up next week. It's awesome to see the cabinet in place and I love the Sofielund finish even more now that it's part of our house!

Estimated time for project: 12 weeks
Time remaining: 6 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Maggie and Ed Williams)

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