Magic Mushroom Van – CLOSED

This service is no longer operable. Please do not email them. 8.28.08 – CB

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Solve your Ikea Hangover. We just recieved this tip for a new delivery service from Ikea. Sounds good. It’s run by a couple, which makes us feel better already. Email them at (Thanks, Elise!) MGR

Elise says: I ordered a heavy dresser that I would never have been able to carry myself had I mustered the energy to rent a car and drive to Ikea and it was in my apt the next day for a $50 fee. Best ever!

They (Jerry and Ajna) say: If you want us to make an ikea trip just for you we charge between $75 and $120. BUT if you are a bit flexible about when we go we can do it for half the cost ($35-60) because we can combine your trip with another customer and you are basically sharing the cost of our time/tolls etc. if you fill me in on the details of where you live & what you’re buying i can quote you a final price for the trip. (combined or otherwise.)