MagicReach: Mr. Clean Has a New Trick

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dept. of Equipment. Reported in the NYTimes on Monday, Mr. Clean has a new product out that claims to revolutionize home cleaning:

“We wanted to really revolutionize and change the entire bathroom-cleaning process,” said Alan Goldstein, research and development manager for Procter’s Mr. Clean brand.

For years, Mr. Goldstein, who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry, has been sending researchers into the homes of volunteers to gather anthropological data on American bathroom-cleaning habits. Over time, he began to realize that people dreaded the task for two primary reasons: Cleaning chemicals emit noxious fumes, and cleaning tools aren’t designed to reach the nooks and crannies most in need of cleaning.

What? Hello! Cleaning is a just a dirty job and you hardly need “anthropological data” to come up with those genius statements…

Nevertheless, we are about to be pummelled into submission by Son of Swiffer: the MagicReach, which allows you to just attach a disposable pad ($$$), rinse it with water and go to work.

Let’s see… more chemicals, more disposables, more money and an easier job…sounds familiar, right? It’s hardly a revolution. MGR